Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rediffmail Sign in

Rediffmail is the biggest social networking site in India which gives a free community service to al all Indian users including and living in abroad Indian’s. Rediffmail also gives an e-mail service with unlimited bandwidth and storage, its hosting server is located in United States but the website admin control is operated from Mumbai or somewhere in Delhi.

Rediffmail login problem occurs so rarely because the portal is hosted on a dedicated server, but when a user try to sign in or sign up for a free account then login page redirect to some error page, this issue is also very rare and the most common reason is the slow speed Internet connection of a user.

I have a 5 year old email account on Rediffmail.com and I am fully satisfy with their great services, I can search any thing inside or outside the India, I can enjoy Bollywood songs and latest movie reviews , I can also post my comments on my favorite topics and under news headlines.  Rediffmail chat messenger is also a very entertaining application which is available both for PC version or you can download it on your mobile phone as a free mobile app.

Rediffmail annually celebrates its birthday and give special shopping coupons to its regular and participant users. Users from anywhere in the world can sign up for this service without paying a penny.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miss Pooja Blue Film Videos

Pooja is a very common name in Indian society and surprisingly its the name of every 7th girl in Hindustan. There are more than 13 actresses are from Bollywood and 34 actresses from TV serials are having name Pooja. My favorite actresses are Pooja Bedi, Miss Pooja Jatt singer and Pooja Butra. One year ago you may also heard another Miss Pooja who got a serious critics from TV and press reporters because Miss Pooja blue film movie clips were leaked by someone on the Internet.

Well that was not a big news because every day various websites and blogs are uploading MMS video clips of  dozens of Pooja. People also shows a great anger toward such a scandals and hidden mobile clips but do you ever thin? Who make these video clips? Who watch and download these video clips from various blogs and video sharing websites? Who giving votes and nasty comments on such a scandalous MMS clips?

Obviously these are people from us who are playing a double role in this society, its just a big shame for humanity and especially or women who get involved in such a criminal activities.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shenaz Treasurywala Blue Film

Shenaz Treasurywala was loosing her popularity in the Bollywood due to her consecutive flop movies but now she got a hope of fame after the wonderful success of her new movie Delhi Belly, in which she played a leading role opposite to Imran Khan. Shenaz Treasurywala also working for her latest project" Luv Ka the End" in which she will play a negative role and obviously she is very hopeful for her second success on the block buster.

Shenaz Treasurywala  blue film or MMS scandal video clips that you are watching on your mobile phones are not real because she is some Mexican girl, who looks similar to Shenaz Treasurywala  but you can easily judge the difference between them, because the original Shenaz is bit fat as compared with slim Mexican girl in the MMS video clip, so if you are looking for her video clip or hot photos on the Internet then you may leave this search and start searching about some real news.

Anyways, I really like Shenaz Treasurywala  beautiful smile and her shining teeth, legs and soft feet. you may watch her lovely movie songs rather then watching her fake video scandal.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kate Middleton No Dress

Kate Middleton now become Mrs. Prince William and belongs to Royal blood and biggest British celebrity after Lady Diana. Kate sister Pippa Middleton also get publicity in bonus when she give her sexiest white dress entry in Royal wedding. Now couple return back to their homeland England after a lovely honeymoon vacations and press media get alert once again to get every little or big news about Kate activities. In her absence her sister Pippa was the main point of royal gossip.

Now with her return Internet become full with gossips like Kate Middleton ex husband, Kate Middleton without clothes photos and MMS video clips, pregnancy, etc. Well these rich celebrities are same like every ordinary human, they are not belongs to Mars planet so its very natural if they kiss or enjoy sunbath without any dress or hugging their partners or showing attraction in attractive men around them, whats odd in this activity?

Obviously its very common for an ordinary girl, but if that ordinary girl become a princess or Queen or a Hollywood celebrity then their every action become a hot headline of every newspaper or TV channels. Amway we will inform our blog readers if we got any thing special or scandal about Kate Middleton.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tamil Actress Vijayalakshmi Blue Film

Vijayalakshmi is the hottest kannada actress who start her career from Tamil movies, she get a lot of support in starting her career from her father because her father was already serving the industry from past 20 year. Actress Vijayalakshmi gives major breakthrough in the film industry and gives some great hits to Tamil cinema, this is the reason she become most wanted celebrity of South Indian fans.

Vijayalakshmi hot still can be seen in every mobile phone of south Indian guy, they not ends on collecting her hot photos but also begin a race to watch Vijayalakshmi blue film, but luckily this actress is still far away from such a MMS scandal. She is a dark color lady and you cannot recognize her in real life if you see Vijayalakshmi without make up in her routine life. There is no doubt that she looks beautiful just because of high class makeup artists and with the help of special affects.

Vijayalakshmi also got several offers from Bollywood but she do not give any importance to these useless offers, yes these are useless , because Bolly directors offering her role for item girl or solo dance numbers but she wants a main or at least some supporting roles in the biggest film industry of India.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trisha Bathroom Video Photos

Telugu actress Trisha bathroom video scandal is minimum 5 years old but it is still very popular among Indian people. Actually Trisha bathing is not such a hot scene or it cannot give you any pleasure and attractions because the video quality is too poor and Trisha face is not clearly visible in the MMS, and the sound is also missing. This is a silent video clip made from a hidden cam and the girl who was appeared in this scandalous video is somewhat same to Tamil actress Trisha, now Trisha become a versatile actress because she is also working in Bollywood movies.

Trisha Krishnan height is shorter then the girl whose bathing video is available to download on various Indian forums and blogs, on the other hand the actress also strongly deny her appearance in the bathroom photos and film. But what about Trisha blue film, does it real or its fake too? Obviously its also a fake movie that is a moving hot topic on various social networking websites like Facebook and Orkut.

I myself don't like much her acting skills but I do admire her mature looking personality so the bad guys must stop spreading wrong news about this old lady and do respect about her age factor.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Way2sms Hindi Login

Way2sms login mostly fails due to overload users and it most occurs in peak hours or on special Indian events like Holi, Dewali, Mothers Day, etc. After a great success in India, now this network is expanding rapidly in all over the world and Way2sms official website now launch their beta service for International free SMS, its mean that you can send free text messages to any country from any country.

This free service is limited and restrict you to send only few text messages but if  you want more SMS credits then you must purchase their premium membership and then you can send a thousands of free and unlimited sms messages any where in the world.

Now come to the real point, what is the purpose of this post in our Bollywood gossip blog? Now you can share our blog post through Way2sms mobile application to your friends or you can send your favorite post as a text message to your friends through Way2sms.

So what are you waiting for? Go and login at Way22ms and if you don’t have a registered account then get your free account with 5 free credits.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Girl Radhika First Night Scene

Malayalam actress Radhika is famous for her navel scene, Tamil actress Radhika got popularity for her first night wedding hot scene from a low grade movie and my favorite Radhika is a Kannada actress, she is not acting in movies but very popular in TV serials. She is graduated from Delhi University and then starts her career as a waitress in a 5 star Mumbai hotel; there she met a Drama producer who offered Miss Radhika to perform in his upcoming drama serial.

Radhika is also called the pink girl who accepted the proposal and now she gain a well repute on mini screen, she also got various offers from the film industry but due to a heavy workload she do not accepting any offer. Her recent TV serial is “Bahu” in which she is acting the role of a poor girl who married in a rich family and her husband degrade her on her first wedding night and then she decided to give lesson to his monster husband.

You can watch video clip and trailers of Radhika Bahu episodes on her official website or you can join her on her Facebook or Twitter page to give her praise advices.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shenaz Treasurywala Blue Film MMS

Daring Bollywood celebrity Shenaz Treasurywala will be risking a complete loss of her film industry career if she accepts the offer of John Rai to work in his incoming Tamil movie because he is offering a bold role to Shenaz Treasuryvala in which she perform in a hot bath scene and the scene also presented to the public in cinema halls with any censorship. 

Shenaz Treasurywala feels that she fell in the another controversy scandal, because a few months ago naughty writers on the world wide web show the trailer of her very old blue film and now everybody in India had a video MMS clip of  old movie. Shenaz Treasuryvala also has problems with her personal sectary for a long time. The hot actress Shenaz Treasuryvala is the bearer of very deep crises so when she tried to appoint a new personal sectary to avoid this fight, she faces more problems and now another issue brings by media to capture her in a new ready made trap

Also keep in mind that success of Shenaz Treasuryvala upcoming movie Delhi Belly with Imran Khan can bring her out from her financial problems and she can face the media with a new passion and obviously with the power of money.

Giselle Monteiro Blue Film Scandal

During the shooting of Always Kabhi Kabhi, new Bollywood actress Giselle Monteiro was sent her hot photos to her Facebook and Twitter fans and later, a news paper claims that all those photos were taken from her private blue film in which Giselle Monteiro was acted as a local Superstar!

There is no doubt that Giselle Monteiro is one of the most beautiful actresses who entered into the industry this year's competition. Giselle Monteiro has a very attractive and beautiful figure, and certainly she is not ashamed for her hot body curves!

Giselle Monteiro basically belongs to a deep and backward village near Delhi, and her family was treated her as equivalent to her brothers that why she is bold like boys and do always ready to do any thing she wants to do. Giselle Monteiro top modeling skills were not as sizzling, and so ultimately with the audience in fashion shows.

Giselle Monteiro said that she do not care what people or newspapers spread wrong news about her because she is not involve in any MMS scandal or private movie casting, on the other side these bad news gives her a great popularity in showbiz industry.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Twinkle Bajpai Wardrobe Malfunction

Twinkle Bajpai is the new Bollywood actress who gets popularity for her horror movie “Haunted 3D” yes this is a 3D film and you can enjoy it on big screen by warning special 3D glasses.

Twinkle Bajpai now a day very busy in promoting her new horror film and she can be seen on various TV channels and reality shows. A few days back in MTV celebrity show she was appeared in a very hot red mini skirt dressing and when her anchor asked her few questions she suddenly changed her sitting position by pulling her left leg on the right leg and the then camera man shoots a wonderful wardrobe malfunction scene of Twinkle Bajpai in which she show her pink Panty.

According to my personal view and deep observation this type of scandals are self produced by new celebrities to gain popularity in a Short time and indeed this is the easiest and short cut way to get fame just by doing such kind of stupid stuffs. You may very soon hear about Twinkle Bajpai nip slip or Twinkle Bajpai blue film or MMS scandal and may watch her video clips on some video sharing website then don’t forget to assumption that these are the same short cut trick of getting popularity. I welcome all my blog readers to give your comments about Twinkle Bajpai and her latest scary movie. Also don’t forget to promote our blog by sharing this link with your FB friends.


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