Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sania Mirza Blue Film Photo Scandal

Sania Mirza s the only well known female tennis star from India. There have been reports that Sania Mirza will marry Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik , on this news all in a sudden major Hindu political parties are making a loud noice against Sania Mirza and also announced to released out her blue film scandal video clips and photos. But keep in mind tht these video clip are lready available on the Internet and users are also knowing very well that these clip are 100% fake video clips and far away from the reality nd original Sania Mirza.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik is 100% willing to marry with Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, he says that our marriage will be the union of two enemy countries Pakistan and India. Their wedding is spectd in the Mid of April 2010.

Th girl who performed in this video clip is looks a like Sania Mirza but she is not the super star Sania at all.

You may also try to find some more related news about Sania Mirza on the Intrnet but you may find only fake results not a true stoy at all.

Sania Mirza to Marry Shoaib Malik (True)
Sania Mirza blue film 2009  (Fake)
Saniya Mirza bluefilm (Fake)
Sania Mirza rapidshare  (Fake)
Sania Mirza engagement (True)
Sania mirza scandal  (Somewhat true)
Sania mirza mms  (Fake one)
Sania mirza Bollywood (Not a news anymore)

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