Friday, May 28, 2010

Katrina Kaif blue Film

Katrina Kaif look alike new comer Bollywood actress Zarine Khan who played the main role in her first movie Veer, which was not a bad role at all specially for a new entry into the world of glamor and entertainment. However  Zarine Khan's will be seen on big screen in new roles including the possible sequel to "Blue Film". Zarine Khan has asked to wear bikini for a few scenes and if the new actress goes well with it, it will still remains a question. Its also true that Katrina Kaif looks very cute in the jeans. She actually replaced Aishwarya in some movies becasue she is almost a look alike.

 I am sure that  your interest for finding the best assets for katrina Kaif ends here as we find that a lot of users and readers from various continents like katrina as their favorite actress and they also encourage the role of Katrina Kaif  in her blue film. Katrina Kaif entered into Bollywood with movie called Boom which give her a great success.

Very soon, I will present you some sizzling pictures where our Bollywood hotties have posed in their backs without clothes.

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