Monday, July 19, 2010

Katrina Sister Isabel Kaif MMS Scandal Blue Film

Katrina Kaif is become the symbol of fashion in the Bollywood where she is busy to give interviews to improve fashion trends.

When The Sun journalist boasted of her sister Isabel Kaif MMS  scandal which is available on the Internet and free to download, she was quickly quite talking about fashion trends and left the interview.

Now she is searching for Salman Khan and it is possible that in the next interview they will came together.  Katrina Kaif innocent face sometimes misguide her fans about her character and most of them believe that Katrina is a very simple girl who do good in Hindi and also not good in fooling people, their next thinking is completely wrong and the proof is her new affair with Ranbhir Kapoor.

Her younger sister Isabel Kaif is also a very clever woman who is trying to making new friends in India because she left England and permanently stellated down in the India

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