Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rakhi Sawant Blue Film Scandal

Bollywood item dancer and comedy queen Rakhi Sawant, initially refused to breakup with her boyfriend and also refuse to make any further comments. Rakhi Sawant is just a creepy celebrity who don't know how to love her mother, you may watched her nonsense and somewhat stupid comments about her mother, when her mother was appeared in the Big Boss season 4.

So if there comes a real link or video of Rakhi Sawant blue film then its not a big deal, because she do not have any thing similar to women and I am also doubtful about her gender, you do so?

Rakhi Sawant is the first Indian celebrity who make Yoga videos with some foreign agency, and why she left the deal? She earns 1 million rupees from that deal, now may be she earned some more money with her blue film or MMS scandal, but I do not have a full confirmation about this.

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