Monday, December 27, 2010

Juhi Chawla Blue Film Watch Online

Beautiful Bollywood celebrity Juhi Chawla is known as a hot actress with a hidden scandal of her blue film.

She really looks so hot in a blue dress but I have no idea about the existence of her blue film, because I also like you just heard a news that Juhi Chawla MMS scandal video is leaked by her old friend, but what is the truth?

According to my opinion she is matured woman who was also won the title of Miss India and she is the first Miss India who start acting in Bollywood movies, she is also a well educated lady who complete his masters degree in Biology.

She this rumor about her blue film did not make any sense to me, what do you think?

Malayalam Serial Actress Sajitha Betti Scandal

Hot looking Sajitha Betti involved in a scandal. Malayalam drama serial actress Sajitha Betti started her career as a singer in the local music band and then she became the wife of a famous Malayalam film director. The full story of her blue film scandal of course followed a much Glamour inside.

Now Sajitha Betti appears in society in the role of a business woman who travels from one city to another for the promotion of her personal business.

I have no link or video shot available under the title of Sajitha Betti video clips.

Madhuri Dixit Hot Blue Film

The old Bollywood queen Madhuri Dixit, appears in an exclusive hot clothing video and kissing scenes in various movies. Hot Madhuri Dixit most famous kissing was taken from Vinod Khanna movie in which she played the role of Vinod wife, that was youth age period of Madhuri Dixit, but still she is looking very young besides the reality that she is the mother of 2 kids who is living with her husband in New York.

Beauty queen Madhuri Dixit getting marry about 8 years ago with an Indian doctor who is living in USA, he purposed Madhori during her film shooting in New York and obviously she accepted her purposal and thats why they are living as an husband and life.

Madhuri Dixit left the film industry after her marriage and she worked only in two films after her wedding on the permission of her husband, so there is no chance of Madhuri Dixit blue film or MMS scandal, so what are you looking for?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jennifer Aniston MMS Clip

One of the best actress Jennifer Aniston disappointed her fans when they failed to find any video scandal of their favorite actress.

I do not understand why Jennifer Aniston MMS scandal rumor is spread on the Internet, because she no young anymore and what people want to discover from such a old lady?

Charmi Hot Cleavage

Comedy minors Charmi Kaur stuck throughout with a hot cleavage video and now its time for her fans to start crying or start laughing on this news.

Hot Tamil actress Charmi Kaur have create her Facebook page where she invite all of her fans to join her and one of her naughty fan spread the news that Charmi was involved in a blue film scandal and he also demanding to watch her video clip but on the next day Charmi posted her hot cleavage show pictures on her Facebook wall.

Well this is the whole story.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Udita Goswami Hot Blue Film

Bollywood most beautiful actress Udita Goswami is busy in shifting her home from Delhi to Mumbai and she also take a long leave from her professional activities, it is also a news after her shifting is completed, she will getting marry with the man of her dreams, but who is that ma? I don't know.

Udita Goswami  get too much fat and I think it is the right time for her to get engaged because it is very difficult for to got new movies due to her fat body.

Udita Goswami  blue film is based on the short clip from her various movies in which she is kissing her hero in the film, you may already watched all of her Bollywood movies.


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