Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Neha Sharma Blue Film

Young supporters of Bollywood new actress Neha Sharma may shocked to hear the news that she shot hot scenes in her hidden blue film! Neha Sharma who let her be photographed in short and bold costume for the making of her blue film MMS scandal!

Lovely blonde Neha Sharma, who works too hard to make her seat in the Bollywood now get ready to spoil her image by accepting a role of school teacher inn blue film, in this movie you can see her teaching some odd stuff to her students and one of her student make crush on her, she encourage her action and the story begin.

Neha Sharma looks so beautiful without any makeup unlike other Bollywood celebrities and her acting is also much better as compare with other new actresses, so I think she must revised her policy about working in such a low level movies.

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