Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trisha Bathroom Video Photos

Telugu actress Trisha bathroom video scandal is minimum 5 years old but it is still very popular among Indian people. Actually Trisha bathing is not such a hot scene or it cannot give you any pleasure and attractions because the video quality is too poor and Trisha face is not clearly visible in the MMS, and the sound is also missing. This is a silent video clip made from a hidden cam and the girl who was appeared in this scandalous video is somewhat same to Tamil actress Trisha, now Trisha become a versatile actress because she is also working in Bollywood movies.

Trisha Krishnan height is shorter then the girl whose bathing video is available to download on various Indian forums and blogs, on the other hand the actress also strongly deny her appearance in the bathroom photos and film. But what about Trisha blue film, does it real or its fake too? Obviously its also a fake movie that is a moving hot topic on various social networking websites like Facebook and Orkut.

I myself don't like much her acting skills but I do admire her mature looking personality so the bad guys must stop spreading wrong news about this old lady and do respect about her age factor.

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